Chiropractic Testimonials

"I love New Journey Chiropractic because my headaches are gone! I feel healthier, happier, and I’m living my life with the fullest potential!"

- Jamie

"New Journey Chiropractic has helped relieve my sleep deprivation and lower back pain."

- Amy

"I love New Journey Chiropractic because they care about everyone they come in contact with. They have positive energy and help everyone achieve their BEST self!"

- Margret

"New Journey Chiropractic has relieved me of pain and helps me live my best life!"

- Janet

"New Journey Chiropractic has helped me relieve pain, helped me lose weight, and makes me think about what I put into my body."

- Nancy

"My back spasms due to scoliosis are gone! Thank you, New Journey Chiropractic."

- Bob

"New Journey Chiropractic has allowed me to enjoy life more."

- Tom

"I Love New Journey Chiropractic because it has helped me with my migraines! My stress and anxiety have improved. I love my New Journey Team"

- Michelle

"New Journey Chiropractic has helped me to practice follow through. Self- care and takes care of my whole body."

- Sarah

"New Journey Chiropractic has helped restore my mobility so I can live happier, healthier, and in less pain."

- Vincent

"Dr. Jayme and the New Journey team are awesome. Dr. Jayme is a friend, cheerleader, and healer."

- Becki

"Dr. Jayme and Team New Journey have taught me I cannot live my life REACTIVE (I’ve tried). I have tried multiple chiropractic offices and New Journey is different. The New Journey team are like family. A good defense requires a good offense and they are my starting lineup."

- Kami

"New Journey Chiropractic has helped me with my scoliosis (which has IMPROVED). My mental health has gotten better and my anxiety is GONE."

- Haley

"I love New Journey Chiropractic because I am being healed of my symptoms and not just covering them up!"

- Tara

"I love New Journey Chiropractic because they help my parents with their necks and backs."

- Trinity

"Not only does my back feel better, but I always feel less stress and I am more positive after I leave. The energy in New Journey Chiropractic is so positive and caring. The atmosphere is AMAZING!!"

- Brenda


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New Journey Chiropractic

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